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My Mission - Break the Bias!

Fellow parents of twins and multiples I’m on a mission! We need to get rid of the negative bias around having twins or more!

I don’t know about you but when I made my twin pregnancy announcement 8 years ago (wow where has that time gone), I was met with some congratulations but mostly I was met with comments such as “Gosh that'll be hard work, double trouble, rather you than me.” The list goes on.

I want to share the message that this needs to STOP!

Having a baby is hard work and so is having two or more at the same time but guess what, we can do it! We do do it!

In 2022 there were 10,786 twins born. That’s 21 Thousand babies who were thought of negatively before they even entered the world!

I was at an event last week and I went to lunch with some incredible women, we started talking about my books and why I started writing them. One of the other women was also a twin mum. Her twins are now in there 40’s and she explained that she also had the negative comments. This is not a new thing and it’s not something that is going away unless we start to change the narrative.

How do we do that….. Well here’s my plan;

Challenge the Double Trouble Myth.

It's time to challenge the misconception that having twins automatically means double the trouble. Yes, raising two babies simultaneously comes with its own set of challenges, but it's essential to recognise that all parenting journeys are unique and come with their own hurdles. Rather than assuming the difficulties, let's ask people to offer support and encouragement. Tell people you’re looking forward to or you are enjoying DOUBLE CUDDLES!

Celebrate the Strength of Twin Parents.

Parents of twins deserve applause, not raised eyebrows. Nurturing and raising two individuals simultaneously requires strength, resilience, and exceptional multitasking skills. Instead of emphasising the potential difficulties, let's celebrate the strength and capability of parents who are embarking on the rewarding journey of raising twins. Tell a fellow twin parent how awesome they are and that they’re smashing it!

Avoid Negative Comparisons.

Comparing the challenges of having twins to those having a single child can be disheartening and unhelpful. Let's shift the focus from negative comparisons to positive affirmations, congratulating parents for the joyous news and expressing confidence in their ability to handle the new adventure.

Encouraging Positive Language

Words have power, and the language we use can significantly impact the way we perceive situations. When someone announces they are expecting twins, let's replace negative comments with positive affirmations. Simple congratulations and expressions of joy can make a world of difference in fostering a supportive and uplifting environment. Don’t be afraid to tell people that!

Share Success Stories

I’m not asking you to hide the bad days or pretend they don’t esist, of course they do but highlighting positive stories with your twins can help challenge stereotypes and provide inspiration. Share stories of parents who have successfully navigated the journey of raising twins, emphasising the joy and fulfilment that comes with it. These stories can serve as a source of encouragement and optimism for expecting parents of twins.

As a community of twin parents we need to band together to bring positivity and change. Over the next few weeks you’ll see me sharing my mission on social media. You can help. By sharing your own stories, reposting my posts and spreading the message that having twins or more is a joy and not a prison sentence!

Use the following hashtags when positing your positive stories so we can break the bias!

Kelly. x

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